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Legal support for your creative business doesn't need to come with a suit and tie...

Your creative work is the most important part of your business. Failing to protect it can be a big mistake and that’s why we’re here to help.

Taking on a new client is often an exciting moment, but as a creative it’s not unusual for the client to expect more than what you bargained for. From sudden changes in the scope of the design brief to taking a while to pay your fee on time. Making sure you have the right legal structure and documentation in place from the outset can help prevent these matters from arising, allowing you and your client to do business in a way that you’re both clear on.

In addition to general commercial practice, there’s also the question of Intellectual Property. As a creative, you could be developing a brand, designing a website, drafting powerful literature or producing a stunning new product for your client.

Regardless of what you’re creating, it’s a form of intellectual property and making sure that you have the right level of control that balances the interests of you and your client will be essential. After all, there’s nothing worse than the thought of copying somebody else’s idea.

Our expert team can advise you on the legal aspects of running a creative business. We can assist with drafting the agreement to be used between you and your clients as well as ensuring the intellectual property you are creating and dealing with is safe to use and capable of being protected – we can help protect your creative business while you continue to do what you do best.

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Here’s an example of some of the areas our expert team can help you with:

Protecting your intellectual property

We can help you identify, protect and exploit your intellectual property. We do this by devising a strategy with the business that balances solid intellectual property protection with the commercial aspirations of the business.

Protecting your ideas

We can help you develop a solid strategy to protect your intellectual property. Confidential relationships and non-disclosure agreements are often the first step to protecting your idea.

Protecting your name

We can help you avoid the risk of using a name that is already registered as a trade mark by someone else. We can conduct detailed trade mark searches in most territories around the world and we can help you register your name as a trade mark in order to prevent others from using it without your permission.

Drafting your terms of business

We can help you prepare solid but fair terms of business along with implementing the best legal procedures to help protect your business while complying with your customers' legal rights.

Managing contractors and consultants

We can help you structure the agreement which will manage the relationship between your business and a third party contractor. Project milestones, costs, timescales, scope of the service and intellectual property are all areas that can be clearly defined.

Complying with employment legislation

We can help you prepare the right policies and procedures for your team that fit with your culture. Employment contracts, staff handbooks, disciplinary and grievance procedures, dismissal and redundancy are just a few examples of the areas we can assist you with.

Reviewing your contracts

The devil is in the detail and not reading a contract properly can sometimes cost a business its future even when it comes down to a few simple words. The difference between ‘Best’ and ‘Reasonable’ being one example. We can review your contracts for you before you sign them, making sure you’re fully aware of the risks.

Complying with data protection legislation

If you collect personal information about your clients, your customers or your staff, having an ethical policy on data protection will be essential not only for complying with the law but also maintaining trust and confidence.

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