Buying a business is just one great way of getting into business. You could be considering buying a business to expand your current offering, widen your geographical location, obtain a larger market share, or to ensure a competitor doesn’t!

Whatever your reasons for buying a business, Hybrid is here to help. There can be lots of implications to the purchase of a business, and it could end up being a huge loss. There are also a variety of ways to purchase a business; you can purchase the entire share capital, or perhaps you only wish to purchase the company assets.

To minimise the risks you take on, Hybrid Legal works hard to conduct thorough due diligence, produce the highest quality purchase agreement, and take care of the background work so you don’t have to.

We know exactly what you are thinking.

  • That is going to be costly
  • Solicitors do not understand our business
  • I do not have time for complex lengthy paperwork
  • There is so much legal jargon I have no idea what is going on

Our goal is to make buying a business easy & cost effective

  • Fixed Fees
  • Down to earth advisors
  • A team who cares
  • Years of expert knowledge at the dial of a phone
  • Simplified approach making the whole process easy to understand

Our approach is simple, well thought-out and effective;


Understanding your goals

There are many reasons to purchase a business, and the best way to achieve your end goals is for us to understand them.


Due diligence

Once you have identified a business you wish to purchase, we need to conduct some due diligence. We do this so we can understand exactly what you are purchasing. For example, we might look at the taxes of the company, its IP, employees and any agreements it has in place.



Negotiations can get heated, and there is always the worry that you are agreeing to something that may bite you in the future. Hybrid can assist you either as background support or at the negotiating table, to make sure you are protected and get the best deal possible.



Once the terms have been agreed between the parties, we will begin drafting the terms of the formal agreement. It is important to have a formal agreement in place; in the event of any future dispute, it will clearly lay down your obligations.


Sealing the deal

Once both parties are happy to complete the transaction, it is time to sign the paperwork. Of course, not everyone can be in the same place at the same time, so our team will assist you with many ways to finalise the agreement without attending at an office.



It is now time for you to begin the next step of your journey. In the background, we will be completing the appropriate paperwork.

As you begin your new path, you may have further questions. If you need more help down the line, Hybrid will always be on hand to assist you.

Client Reviews

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Hybrid Legal were recommended….for a transfer of ownership and did a first class job.

AMFA (Southampton) Holdings Limited
5 stars

A pleasure to work with.

Anglepoise Limited
5 stars

Great quality work, turned around with speed and professionalism. Thoroughly recommended.

Astrid Davies Consulting
5 stars

I highly recommend.

Big Golden Pineapple Limited
5 stars

The Hybrid team gave me excellent advice on resolving an employment contract, I will definitely be using them in the…

Carl Wynn
5 stars

We would like to thank Hybrid Legal for their amazing work. We will 100% be using them again and are…

CB Media Group Limited
5 stars

Hybrid Legal are a fantastic company to work with and offer first class legal advice. The team are a friendly…

Chris B
5 stars

I simply cannot recommend Hybrid enough.

ClearMotion (UK) Limited
5 stars

Using Hybrid Legal won’t cost you the earth. I am extremely satisfied with the work they have done so far…

Cliphair Limited
5 stars

Professional friendly experts who offer timely understandable advice and are excellent value for money.

Dartington Hall Pension Trustees Limited
5 stars

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