Our Fixed Fee Pricing Explained

We believe that it’s important to be completely transparent about how we price our services, therefore the first thing is that our fees are always fixed and agreed with you in advance.

When you ask us to help you, you’re investing in our experience to take care of the legal side of things, enabling you to focus on doing the things you do best.

While we’re not fans of the ‘billable hour’, we do use an hourly rate to work out the price for the required job.

We multiply our experts’ hourly rate by the amount of time they know it will take them to advise you on your request. Their years of experience enable them to provide an accurate fixed fee.

Our solicitor rates compare very favourably with law firms in all other areas of the UK but particularly so in London and the South. 

Hourly rates (+VAT)

Solicitors, Commercial Lawyers and Senior Associates rate: £250 

Legal Plus clients is a discounted blended rate: £225 

Corporate Solicitors rate: between £250 and £300 

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    In October 2021, HM Courts & Tribunals Service published updated Solicitors’ guideline hourly rates on the www.gov.uk website.


    The published rates show that the lowest guideline hourly rate for a UK based solicitor with over eight years’ experience is £255 per hour. Note that this is the lowest rate for National 2, whereas the guideline rates for National 1 and London 1, 2 & 3 are more. In some cases, significantly so.

    How does Hybrid Legal compare?

    Hybrid Legal has six Associate Solicitors. All six of them have over eight years’ Post Qualified Experience (PQE). Some have many more years’ PQE. We charge these solicitors at £250 per hour.

    Hybrid Legal are based in Hampshire and London, which means a fair comparison is to compare our rate with National 1 and London 2 & 3.

    This means our rate of £250 per hour compares very favourably with between £261 and £373 per hour.

    How can we do this?

    Hybrid Legal deliver our services using a different model to traditional, old-fashioned law firms.

    Most of our solicitors are home-based and work on a flexible basis. They are well supported by using the latest technology rather than armies of paralegals, support assistants and secretaries.

    This simply means that we have much lower overheads than most law firms. These cost savings are reflected in the lower fixed fees we can offer, but without compromising on the client access to our experience and expertise.

    Initial Chat

    It costs nothing to book an initial chat. These are designed to introduce ourselves, listen to your matter and confirm if it’s something we can help you with. Better still, you can book one online right now.

    Advisory Call

    The fixed fee for an advisory call for up to one hour with one of our experts is £375 + VAT. This usually follows a discovery call, ensuring that we already understand your matter before a member of our expert team calls.

    If we need to supply further services to help you, we will provide you with a detailed summary of how much those services will be and how long we expect them to take.
    To book an advisory call, please contact us here.

    Drafting contracts

    The fee for contracts will always depend on your own circumstances, and there are lots of variables that will impact the price. For example, the value of the contract, the risk that the contract is managing, the complexity of what is being agreed, the type and number of parties involved, the sector of business etc. will all have an impact on the amount of time it will take our experts to draft it.

    We usually recommend booking an advisory call so we can invest the time with you to really understand the fundamentals of what the contract needs to cover, the tone of voice, the structure and method of signing, along with any specific deadlines you’d like us to work to. From there, we can provide you with an accurate fixed cost and timescale to prepare your contract.

    If we can work from an existing document and there are minor adjustments, the time it will take us will be between six and eight hours.

    If we need to draft a contract from scratch, the time will be longer (twelve + hours).

    For more information on the types of contracts that we can help you with, please click here.

    Drafting letters

    Like contracts, the fee will depend on your own circumstances, and again, variables will affect the price. Examples include the nature of the letter and whether we are writing to the other side’s solicitor, the research and any evidence required to support the letter.

    A straightforward letter that doesn’t require much research or evidence can usually be done within two hours.

    More complicated letters that require research and evidence or interaction with a solicitor on the other side usually take around four hours.

    Registering a trade mark in the UK

    We can advise you on the legal feasibility of registering a trademark in the UK for a fixed fee of £600 + VAT. This includes a detailed report listing any earlier trademarks to be aware of. We’ll talk you through the report before advising you on the next best steps to protect your name if the report confirms it’s possible.

    For preparing and filing a UK trademark application, the fixed fee is £600 + VAT.

    The filing fees that we will pay to the UK Intellectual Property Office start at £170.00 (No VAT) and increase by £50 depending on how many classes of goods or services you need. We recommend investing in a UK trademark clearance check first, which advises on the best classes and wording to use.

    For more information on our trademark services, please click here.

    Legal Plus – an outsourced legal team for an affordable monthly fee

    Our standard subscription is £675 + VAT per month and will provide you and your team with the following:

    • Thirty six hours of support time over twelve months
    • A dedicated Client Partner as your main point of contact for all legal matters
    • Regular legal updates

    If you need more time per month, you can pay for this at the rate of £225 + VAT for each additional hour required.