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Music & Film - Crew Waiver

It is not only the people on screen or on stage that are important – the people behind the camera and curtain are integral to the success of any production. For every actor there are ten people supporting them!

These people range in skill and talent, and without any one of them the overall feel of a final production can change dramatically. Costume designers, make-up artists, grips, cameramen, riggers, lighting experts, stage-hands – all have a job which can rarely be carried out by someone who is not skilled in their craft.

When putting together a final production so that it can be sold or distributed, it is very important to ensure that everyone involved in a production has been properly incorporated into the legal framework. Where formal terms of business are not in place, by establishing a good ground work with crew waivers you can seek your crew’s permission to use their skills in the creation of your production and make sure that they are suitably rewarded for their efforts.

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