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Business Contracts - Website Hosting Agreement

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Website Hosting Agreement

If your business provides a hosting service for websites, being legally prepared for the ups and downs will be essential in order to balance legal risk with customer satisfaction. Your customers will want to know that their website is in good hands. By the same token you will want to be able to ensure that the services you provide are in your customers’ best interests whilst at the same time being realistic.

There are only a few exceptional companies that can offer near 100% reliable hosting services, and accordingly your terms and conditions of business need to reflect your business’s ability to meet your customers’ requirements. We can put together a set of terms and conditions that will leave both you and your customers satisfied, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Website Compliance Audit

As a modern business it’s highly likely that you will have a website that showcases what you can offer to your customers. Unfortunately due to the ease of creating a website online, it’s no surprise that the number of rogue businesses that are cashing in at the expense of their customers is rapidly increasing. As a result, the law is strict with the information that you will need to make sure is available clearly on your website. Making it easy for visitors to your website to identify who you are and where you are based, along with how you will handle their personal details, will help build the trust and confidence needed if you are to succeed in converting them into customers.

Being over generous and misleading with product and service descriptions is also another trap which we can help you avoid. Our Website Compliance Audit will make sure you have all the correct information in place and we’ll even check how you’re describing yourself in order to make sure your reputation remains intact. Why not contact us for further information.

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