Selling your business: The legal process

If you are thinking about selling your business now, or at any point in the future, make sure you are fully informed of the legal aspects which can help you get the most value from your sale.  Watch the video to find out more!


hybrid-legal-contact-usHybrid Legal Director and Senior Corporate Solicitor Leanne Consiglio, shares her expertise and advice on the legal process for selling your business.



In this video, you’ll learn:
  • What to expect from the due diligence process and how to prepare for it
  • What is typically included in the sale and purchase agreement and how you can preserve value
  • Key facts about warranties and indemnities and how the buyer can use these as an attempt to claw back some of the purchase price post-completion.

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Please note this information is provided free of charge as a guide to help you. This information is not legal advice and we recommend that you contact us or another expert for advice that is specific to your circumstances.