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The film industry is not always the same as “showbiz”, and at Hybrid Legal we recognise that fact. This means we know that a lot of the same legal issues apply equally to those that make videos for the internet as they do for directors of feature films.

The same applies to thespians that prefer the stage to the silver screen – whether you are putting on a show at a local community theatre or in the heart of the West End, the legal issues that apply to each are surprisingly similar. Our expert knowledge in these areas means that we are able to assist you at whatever level you have decided to pitch your production.

In our experience, the directors and producers that we have worked with have fun making their films and putting together their performances. Our main concern is to keep it that way for all our clients by keeping them covered on all the legal aspects involved so that they don’t have to worry about them.

The law in the UK relating to performing arts can be complex at times, and should you decide to engage us for our services, we would explain everything to you in clear English, making sure you know exactly what should happen at each stage, whether it is pre-production, during production, or post-production.

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Here’s an example of some of the areas our expert team can help you with:

Protecting your ideas

We can help you develop a solid strategy to protect your intellectual property. Confidential relationships and non-disclosure agreements are often the first step to protecting your idea.

Protecting your name

We can help you avoid the risk of using a name that is already registered as a trade mark by someone else. We can conduct detailed trade mark searches in most territories around the world and we can help you register your name as a trade mark in order to prevent others from using it without your permission.

Reviewing your contracts

The devil is in the detail and not reading a contract properly can sometimes cost a business its future even when it comes down to a few simple words. The difference between ‘Best’ and ‘Reasonable’ being one example. We can review your contracts for you before you sign them, making sure you’re fully aware of the risks.

Dealing with investors

We can help you plan and structure everyone’s roles and responsibilities at the start in order to manage yours and your investor’s expectations in the future. Heads of terms, shareholders agreements, loan agreements and careful due diligence are just a few examples of how we can help.

Drafting your terms of business

We can help you prepare solid but fair terms of business along with implementing the best legal procedures to help protect your business while complying with your customers' legal rights.

Complying with employment legislation

We can help you prepare the right policies and procedures for your team that fit with your culture. Employment contracts, staff handbooks, disciplinary and grievance procedures, dismissal and redundancy are just a few examples of the areas we can assist you with.

Complying with data protection legislation

If you collect personal information about your clients, your customers or your staff, having an ethical policy on data protection will be essential not only for complying with the law but also maintaining trust and confidence.

Protecting your intellectual property

We can help you identify, protect and exploit your intellectual property. We do this by devising a strategy with the business that balances solid intellectual property protection with the commercial aspirations of the business.

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