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The typical stereotype of the struggling artist is one that is romanticised in films and books – but the real world is very different. We know that aside from conveying your artistic vision, a major concern for any artist is how they can make the most of their work financially. We can help artists in explaining the best ways in which to exploit their work.

Illustrations and artwork for literature, advertising, websites and graphic novels are just some of the ways in which artwork can reach a wider audience. We have extensive experience in advising artists on the agreements necessary for their work to be included in a wide variety of projects.

We also assist graphic designers, especially in circumstances where work has been carried out for their clients. Having a robust set of terms and conditions pertaining to the creation of work for clients can help prevent disputes over the ownership of copyright or any other intellectual property rights that arise during the course of the instructions.

For the purists, we are able to advise on any terms and conditions applicable to the display of artwork in galleries, and will work diligently to ensure that both the artist and gallery owner are satisfied in their relationship.

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