27 April 2020 40 min listen

In this episode of the Hybiz Podcast Matt and Ryan are joined by special guest Jason Silk, Director or Sunblink who shares his thoughts on this question: Should everyone in a business play an active marketing role? The guys discuss who should be responsible for branding, what types of content could non-marketing people share, the importance of personal branding and how to incentivize members of the team to contribute to the marketing of a business.

If you don’t have time to listen to the full episode you can skip ahead to the main talking points below:

  • Who is responsible for the branding and marketing? 1:30
  • What does the ideal customer look like for the business? 5:00
  • I don’t need to marketing my business because I have an established customer base 11:30
  • I didn’t realise your business did that! – How to educate your customer 15:15
  • Making marketing your business as effortless as possible 18:00
  • What type of content should we be posting on social media? 19:45
  • I’m posting stuff on social media, but getting no engagement 23:00
  • Giving your staff a marketing toolkit, making marketing your business easy 24:45
  • Empowering staff to create their own personal brands 28:15
  • What can business owners do to incentivize their team to help with marketing? 30:15
  • The important of managing expectations and early results from marketing 32:00
  • The power of friends and family 36:00
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Ryan Lisk

Ryan has helped a vast number of businesses protect and control their intellectual property as well as drafting and advising on consumer and commercial contracts.

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