7 April 2023 36 min listen

In this episode of the Hybriz Podcast, brought to you by Hybrid Legal, we focus on what is often referred to as corporate legal matters, taking a closer look at the key documents that set out the legal structure and shareholding of a company.

Hybrid Legal Director, Alan Reid joins us on the show with special guest and Senior Associate Solicitor Leanne Consiglio, to guide us through these key documents and the importance of them.

If you are stuck for time, you can skip ahead to the following sections:

  • The key governance documents a company should have in place – 3:00
  • What are model articles of association and are they appropriate? – 6:15
  • Why would a company want to have a shareholder agreement in place? – 9:50
  • Key benefits of having bespoke articles of association / shareholders agreement – 13:15
  • What can go wrong if you haven’t legislated? – 16:15
  • Does the majority shareholder control everything? – 25:00
  • Dividend payments and different classes of shares explained – 28:20
  • Transfer share provisions and having a process for this – 32:10
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