28 May 2020 25 min listen

Planning through the unknown isn’t easy. In this episode of the Hybiz Podcast, Matt and Ryan are joined by special guest and business consultant Sam Howell who provides some interesting and useful insights on how business owners can plan more effectively in the current climate.

If you’re stuck for time, you can skip ahead to the following sections:

  • What can business owners be doing to plan through the unknown – 2:45
  • It’s not a weakness to admit your weaknesses – 7:30
  • What kind of leadership is required in this current climate? – 9:45
  • Social Media: don’t just pay somebody to do it – 13:30
  • Today is the day for change – 14:15
  • Don’t stop marketing – 15:45
  • What are the key things for any business to look at right now? – 11:45

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Ryan Lisk

Ryan has helped a vast number of businesses protect and control their intellectual property as well as drafting and advising on consumer and commercial contracts.

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