7 March 2020 34 min listen

In this podcast we’re joined by on of our employment law experts, Amy Cousineau, who has answered the most popular questions received which are summarised below.

The podcast is 30 minutes long, but if you’re short of time you can skip ahead to listen to the QAs you’re most interested in:

  • What are our legal obligations to offer alternative working conditions? Skip to 2:00
  • Do we have any legal responsibilities should somebody be struck down with Coronavirus, in terms of the rest of the team. Skip to 07:30
  • What are the changes to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and when must it be paid? Skip to 10:30
  • If parents have to stay home because their children’s school has closed what are our responsibilities regarding paying them or expecting them to work? Skip to 15:40
  • Do you have any recommended steps or planning advise to help ease how our business is affected? Skip to 19:50
  • Due to the downturn in my business I need to reduce cost. What are my options to reduce staff costs quickly / fairly / legally? What about staff that have only been with me a short time? Can I retract a job offer that has been made and accepted? Skip to 23:15
  • If a member of staff is unwell and refuses to be tested, where do we stand? Skip to 28:35
  • Parting words of advice. Skip to 31:05
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