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Corporate & Commercial - Terms of Business

Having a contract in place prior to starting a service for a client can prevent problems arising later on down the line. Most clients will start the business relationship with the best of intentions, but we recognise that things can go wrong – the project may take a different direction or the market may change. Should this happen, you need to be confident that the relationship between you and the client is set out clearly in a contract.

Both parties can be protected under a contract – the scope of the service and the expectations should be clearly defined and agreed. A contract should also define how and when you get paid and what you must do to get paid on time. As you can probably guess, this is one of the most disputed parts of a contract so it’s essential that it’s drafted clearly from the start!

Our Contract Review Service

We have extensive experience dealing with a huge variety of businesses – corporate and commercial concerns, creative agencies, manufacturers and distributors, artists and art galleries, musicians and record labels, film production companies, and everything in-between. One thing that we have noticed is that all too often businesses will only review their terms and conditions when a dispute arises. It’s usually at this stage that the business realises it hasn’t protected itself legally and will end up paying the price for its mistake.

At Hybrid Legal, our expert team are on hand to help you prevent these mistakes from happening. If you would like peace of mind on your current terms of business or you’d like us to make sense of a contract that reads like it’s in a foreign language, please get in contact. We provide a cost effective contract reviewing service where we remove the legalese and explain the terms of the contract to you in plain English.

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