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Corporate & Commercial - Service Agreements

We help businesses to stay legally protected by providing them with professionally drafted service agreements that are designed to make commercial sense.

As a business you will be familiar with all types of contracts that govern the relationships you have with your suppliers and customers. Getting to grips with the contracts your business is committed to or is about to become committed to can be crucial for a number of reasons:

  • They can set out clear roles and responsibilities for the parties
  • They can manage the level of risk involved with a transaction or project
  • They can confirm the timescales for the transaction or project to be completed within
  • They can provide clarity and certainty in the event of a dispute
  • Most importantly, they can define the price and payment terms.

Unlike a traditional law firm, we don't charge by the hour and we won't charge for each phone call or email. Instead, all of our fees are fixed and agreed with you upfront. If you would prefer to retain our ongoing support, we will be happy to structure a fixed monthly fee on terms that are flexible to help grow and protect your business.

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