For entrepreneurs wishing to establish or grow their own business in the Recruitment and Human Capital Management Solutions arena, Serocor Holdings provides the best of all worlds: the autonomy to run your own business, the support of a highly experienced and proven Board of mentors, and the back office support of a large but agile business.

Why did you choose Hybrid?

Bespoke legal service

Hybrid offered us the unique option of a bespoke legal service but at a fraction of the price of a traditional law firm. Hybrid also had, and continues to have, a good understanding of the specific legal environment and industry in which our business operates.

Dedicated Client Partner

As a Legal Plus client, we have a dedicated client partner who works closely with our legal team on a regular basis. As a result, Hybrid has developed a good commercial understanding of the way our business operates, including the need for on demand services communicated in clear and simple language which can be easily disseminated throughout the business.

High level of service

The high level of service consistency is what comes to mind with Hybrid.


We really enjoyed the French wine tasting event. The combination of learning about and tasting the various wines was well thought out and made for a very entertaining evening. The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging which had a huge impact on its success.

Partner for the future

With the business always moving forward together with the various legislative changes in our industry, Hybrid is well placed to continue providing us with reliable legal support services.