One Wight Health is private limited company, established in 2014 and is a federation of all 16 of the General Practitioner (GP) practices on the Island. Although members remain independent, by coming together practices can work together to meet the changing needs of our local population.

Why did you choose Hybrid?

Payment plan

We had quite an intensive period where we needed to spread the cost of the legal fees we incurred for some contracting business and one of the main benefits for us with Hybrid was that we could do that on 0% interest over the course of the last 12 months which has been really beneficial to our cashflow and to predicting what our outgoings are going to be.

Always at the end of the phone

They are pretty much always at the end of the phone. You get a really good client relationship partner. We’ve had a couple and both have been absolutely superb with their ability to be responsive on the telephone calls we have and how we can place a document in front of them, they’ll read through it and get back to us with any amendments or changes. Just having that ability to have someone at the end of the telephone as a client partner has been absolutely superb.

Sound business advice

Another reason is the relationship with the directors, Ryan and Alan. It has been absolutely fundamental to our choice. We very much like working in partnership with people and value relationships with the businesses that we interact with. This has again been a real key influence of why we’ve chosen Hybrid. Both of them again on the responsiveness front and offering really sound good mentoring and business advice, have been absolutely fabulous.

Health Checks

We went through a health check when we first joined Hybrid and that highlighted some areas that we’ve perhaps overlooked and the experience of both of those people in highlighting that has been superb.

The Hybrid model

The model of how Hybrid work whereby they’ve got a group of Associates that they can call upon is excellent. For instance, if they are unsure of a subject the Associates can direct you to the most appropriate solution so it is a very flexible and responsive service.