Natural by Emma is a nutrition coaching and clean eating business set up by powerlifter, Emma Drackford. Emma told us why she set up the company and how Hybrid Legal helped her do it.

What was the main aim or ambition of setting up your business?

Helping others. When I first started my journey into fitness, I saw such dramatic results by making some really simple changes. People I speak to in terms of my family and friends are always going on crash diets in a really unhealthy way. They will diet for a few weeks and then will fall off the wagon and eat everything. This seems to be common for lots of people and dieting doesn’t have to be like that at all. People think they have to eat tiny amounts and it’s really damaging to their health and metabolisms. What I’m looking to show people is that dieting doesn’t have to be hard at all and it can be healthy and you can still eat some of your favourite foods. You just have to think about how you do that. When you tell people the process they’re sceptical at first but then they try it for a week and they start to see dramatic results and their energy levels increase and that is something I’m really passionate about. Making people healthy and helping them to reach their goals.

What prompted you to engage the services of Hybrid Legal?

Someone recommended Hybrid to me and said you would be a great help to me especially given that it is the first time I’ve started a proper business. I’ve done self-employed consultancy work before but never gone down the route of running my own company. That kind of recommendation is really important to me. It takes a lot for me to be truly trusting with people that I use and take advice from and so it was vital to me to get that recommendation. From that first meeting when I came to just talk through everything with you, you made everything really simple for me and it made me realise it was a great fit to work with you guys.

How did Hybrid help you?

You made me think about things that I hadn’t even considered and I think had I not come to have that very first meeting I probably would not have found it such an easy process to set the business up. I certainly wouldn’t have thought about all the things that you highlighted to me and I probably would have been going down the road of doing my coaching and starting the business up and then six months to a year down the road getting myself into a bit of trouble! The advice you gave me was really important and just the general overview of a business start-up and the things to consider, was amazing.

How would you describe your experience overall with Hybrid?

Superb. The client care, the actual knowledge that you have, the guidance that you give and the gentle probing to make sure that everything has been done, it’s exactly what someone like me who is so busy needs. It made me act to get things off the ground. It has always been an aspiration to set up my own business but with having a day job and doing my training, it’s always been on the back burner but with you prompting me along made me realise that I can do this and I can set it up quite quickly. Things have now escalated and everything has taken off and I certainly wouldn’t have been in that position if I hadn’t come to see you. 

How have we introduced you to some of our network?

You introduced me to one of your other clients who deliver bespoke fruit and vegetable boxes. We are now discussing Natural by Emma being ambassadorial for their business and it is such a great fit to be put in touch with a business that has the same values as my own. It is exactly what I’m looking for. We are having discussions around how the collaboration could work and we are still finalising the details, but I think it will be a really great fit for both businesses.