Inbay providing high-quality white label 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) & service desk capabilities to MSPs, VARs and IT service providers.

Why did you choose Hybrid?

Hybrid offered a good alternative to the traditional way most law firms work and offer advice on a wide range of business law topics under one roof. Their fresh approach was very appealing, and their innovative subscription model means that we can plan our legal costs more accurately across the year.

Very responsive

I’ve found all of the staff to be very responsive and knowledgeable. They are a very transparent business to deal with and the communication is another strong point. I have found them to set realistic expectations in terms of response times, and to stick to them.

Everything under one roof

It’s been a very positive experience compared to some of our past interactions with law firms. We’ve found it challenging in the past to get the advice we need under one roof at a reasonable cost. Hybrid has solved all of those issues for us in one hit.

Makes things simple

Although we work in the IT sector we operate a little differently since our clients are IT service providers themselves: this can make some of our contract requirements more complicated than the norm, especially when the GDPR comes into the mix. Hybrid have been great at distilling all of this down into relatively simple terms that make it easy for our clients (and us) to understand. They have also helped us to trademark our name which was a very beneficial move that they rightly advised us to make very early on.


When I first met Ryan at a business function, the business was called Watertight Legal. We exchanged cards and somehow his ended up in the wash via my shirt pocket. The card came out virtually untouched after a spin round the 60 degree cycle – so I figured they were a business that really lived up to their name!