18 August 2018 2 min read

Well, I made it through my first week of work experience at Hybrid Legal.

Before starting the week, I was quite apprehensive as to how I would fit in with the team and how I would be able to build my knowledge on this area of law, and hoped that I wouldn’t be following them around like a sheep. Thankfully the team made me feel extremely welcome and each of them allowed me to experience an insight into their role within the team. 

From the start to the finish of the week, I picked up on some tips which could be useful for anyone thinking about or planning starting work experience with Hybrid Legal or any other firm.

To start with, before I even stepped foot into the office, I made sure I had some prior knowledge of the company in terms of what they do and what they offer to companies. This was useful as I had a base level of understanding which allowed me to quickly and clearly understand the finer details of Hybrid.

Throughout the week, I always tried to stay fully involved in an active way. I found that there was no such thing as a stupid question and I had an unlimited number of questions I could ask which the team would always gladly answer. It seemed that not only did I feel happier after asking questions but the Hybrid team felt happier too as they knew that I was fully engaging in what they were teaching me.

Finally, the Hybrid MD suggested that I should write a diary of the week. So I now have a record of the whole week including the experiences and knowledge I gained not just in the office but from client meetings and networking events too.

What’s also very important is that the Hybrid legal team fully understand what you want from your work experience… after all, you have to come them. I think what was really useful, not just for the team but myself also, was to create a plan of my week which told me and the team what I would be doing each day both in the mornings and afternoons. On a couple of occasions throughout the week, I was tasked with some quite complicated tasks which were really useful as I felt stretched and I achieved far more than I had initially expected (fingers crossed I provided the team with some useful work and material they could use!).

The team were also keen for my feedback and took a real interest in my future, for example what my next career steps were. 

Thank you to everyone at Hybrid. I had a great time and have felt like I’ve learnt great deal.

I hope they’ll have me back!

Olivia Reid.

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