8 December 2021 5 min read

In this blog we catch up with one of our Client Partners, Jon who talks us through a typical day at the Hybrid Legal office.

The start to my day actually begins the night before! Prior to logging off for the evening, I check what meetings/calls are booked for the next day and make note of any actions prior to them.

After my morning Cbeebies and breakfast with my daughter, I log myself on and take around 30/45 minutes to review any new emails received overnight/early morning and to arrange for one of the team to action any required point. This is normally between 8:30 and 9am.

Where the role of a Client Partner is so varied, it is not possible to tell you what an ‘average’ day looks like, because there is no such thing. So, the below is actually a day I have experienced:

9am – I have a call at 9:30am with a client to discuss a requirement that they have for a new set of terms to be put in place between them and their own clients to manage the services being provided and the relationship. Prior to the call I am prepping the various questions that need to be covered to ensure that we’re able to fully scope the work and provide and accurate quote. The call then lasts for around 45 minutes.

10:15am Once I have finished up with the call I have to make sure that the notes are saved to our internal system and that the actions are logged.

10:30am I have a morning catch up with the Client Partner team to chat through matters we currently have on, general workload of each Client Partner and any other points that we need to talk through.

11am I have another call, with a different client, regarding a data subject access request (SAR) that they have received. The client is quite flustered by this as they have never received one before. I spend the time to talk them though what it means to receive a SAR and what they have to do next. I then also book in further calls to discuss an action plan with the client over the next week to ensure that this is completed within the time limits.

11:45am Ryan has let me know that he would like me to review a new supplier agreement for a new VOIP telephone system. The agreement, whilst quite standard, does have a few elements which need to be addressed and I let Ryan know of these points.

1pm I take a stroll up to the local shop to grab some lunch and get some fresh air.

2pm Once I have finished my lunch, I begin a contract review that has been requested from a large client in the manufacturing industry regarding a new system, and new supplier, to replace their current CRM system. As this is a large contract, it takes a considerable amount of time to review and pull out the risks posed to my client. Once I have completed the review, I send an email to the client with my initial findings and arrange for a call to discuss the next steps and to get instruction on points that they would like us to negotiate on.

4:30pm Whilst going through the review, I missed a couple of calls. I try to call them back, but I don’t reach either. So, I drop a quick email to apologise for missing the call and letting them know my availability for a catch up.

4:45pm Following the call at 9:30am, I follow up with the client to set out the full scope of the work required and the fixed fee quote to assist them. Once I have sent the email, I make sure I have a calendar reminder to follow up with them.

5:15pm I then check any remaining emails that have come in over the afternoon, respond to anything that is urgent and make my plan for the next day!

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Jonathan Craddock

Jonathan completed the Legal Practice Course in 2013 before working with some of Southampton’s top law firms.

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