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DJS a fintech company who build innovative software solutions within the financial industry. Their products include Leadtree Global, a Financial Services Affiliate Network and real-time lead management system, and PiggyBank, the UK’s fastest growing short-term lender.

Why did you choose Hybrid?

1. Not traditional
I was recommended Hybrid. I then met Ryan Lisk, liked his approach, liked him as a person, liked the fact he wasn’t a traditional Solicitor and liked the people he worked with, Leanne etc and it has been very efficient since then.

2. Far less regimented
Hybrid aren’t pompous, far less regimented and far more client focused than fee focused which is important. They are also really flexible. You can phone up to speak to anyone at any time.

3. Excellent work
Completing on a finance company deal, it took a while but Leanne worked tirelessly on it so that was a good moment for us. Leanne helped me sell another company and it was flawless, exceptional work.

4. Lunch club
The Lunch Club has been really good. Normally these things are full of accountants and solicitors who are quite dull and you’ve made an effort to include people who will have an interest in what the people there say. I’ve made a couple of good contacts from it. It is always something I look forward to going to, seeing the same faces and some new ones.

5. Customer friendly
I’ve been really pleased. I’ve dealt with a lot of solicitors over time and out of all of them, Hybrid are the most customer friendly that I’ve ever dealt with. Other companies are very professional and Hybrid are as well but they have that human touch as well.

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