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Our Workflow

As a firm that prides itself on disrupting the status quo, you’d expect us to have our own way of working that perfectly suits our business model. Interestingly, however, we find it perfectly matches the needs and aspirations of our clients. It’s a completely transparent 6-step process, built upon a bedrock of collaboration, professionalism and value for money.



After an initial phone call or email, we often recommend meeting face to face. We want to hear at first hand about the challenges and opportunities that your business is facing and what we can do to help. 'No obligation' meetings can usually be arranged at a place of your choosing, and we’re as comfortable with an after-hours glass of wine as we are with a daytime coffee.



Having heard about your business, we can draft a list of legally protective measures you should act on right now, others you should instigate soon and areas that you should be mindful of further down the line. None of the language we use is unintelligible gobbledygook. You’ll get an easily digestible list of our recommendations, a date of completion and a guaranteed fixed price.



It is entirely up to you when you feel ready to ask us to work on your behalf. We aren’t going to jam your inbox or hammer your switchboard with desperate pleas for work. We won’t offer up services you simply don’t need and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have before you make any commitment to move forwards.



Once you have instructed us, we will send you a copy of our client care agreement so that we can formalise our working relationship. We’ve found the most efficient way of sending documents and invoices is electronically and our systems are entirely compatible with all mainstream platforms.



This is the part where we do our stuff and leave you to get on with managing your business. Our projects are always time-lined, so there are no surprises about delivery dates or budgets. Your dedicated point of contact will always be on hand to update you on the progress of a job and will be happy to take questions at any stage of the process.



One of the interesting things about helping people develop their business is that we regularly identify opportunities for our clients to help one another. This often leads to an exchange of services, but can simply be the sharing of tips and experiences amongst our client community. We facilitate introductions and host-themed networking events to enable this to happen. In addition, our team can work with you to help promote your business. We can showcase your business on our website or on our social media platform and we can share this with all the companies on our database. This service is entirely discretionary and you are not obligated to participate should you not wish to.

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