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Working and Caring...

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Working and Caring...

I’ve been my husband’s primary carer since the day we got married, combining studies and a demanding job at a top London law firm at the time. The combination of a long commute, and the various demands on my time would prove toxic to my health, and eventually I was made redundant. Frankly, I jumped at the opportunity to find work closer to home.

But even with work closer to home, working full-time on-site 9-5, five days a week employment without consideration for a carer’s responsibilities and the demands they place on her physical and mental wellbeing proved to be beyond feasible.

Today is International Women’s Day. Many women have been or are in a similar situation I have sketched above. What can you do about it? Here’s what I did.

From the day I gave myself the flexibility of being a freelance professional, and therefore in charge of my own time and location, my work-life balance has radically improved, and with it, my health. Not everyone is in a position to do this, so today I make a plea to employers nationwide. Find out whom among your staff have caring responsibilities, and ask them adjustments they need to help them to their job. In many cases flexible working policies will make the world of difference.

CarersUK can help.

Cora Burke