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Covid-19 Guidance For Employers

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Covid-19 Guidance For Employers

Running a business isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone trying to trade through the Covid-19 pandemic. To help, we have created this page that provides guidance for employers on a number of topics including employment, HR and contracts - all of which have been effected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Please feel free to share this information and if you would like further help and advice on specific questions relating to your business or situation, please give us a call on 0333 014 4568 or drop us an email at: hy@hybridlegal

Podcast: Coronavirus Guidance for Employers

In this podcast we're joined by one of our employment law experts, Amy Cousineau, who has answered the most popular questions received which are summarised below. The podcast is 30 minutes long but if you’re short of time you can skip ahead to listen to the Q&A’s you’re most interested in:

  1. What are our legal obligations to offer alternative working conditions? Skip to 2:00
  2. Do we have any legal responsibilities should somebody be struck down with coronavirus, in terms of the rest of the team. Skip to 07:30
  3. What are the changes to SSP and when must it be paid? Skip to 10:30
  4. If parents have to stay home because their children’s school has closed what are our responsibilities regarding paying them or expecting them to work? Skip to 15:40
  5. Do you have any recommended steps/planning advice to help ease how we are affected? Skip to 19:50
  6. Due to the downturn in my business I need to reduce costs. What are my options to reduce staff costs quickly / fairly / legally? What about staff that have only been with me a short time? Can I retract a job offer that has been made and accepted? Skip to 23:15
  7. If a member of staff is unwell and refuses to be tested, where do we stand? Skip to 28:35
  8. Parting words of advice. Skip to 31:05

Podcast: Force Majeure and Frustrated Contracts

This podcast is all about what business owners can do with their contracts considering the current coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, Ryan and Matt provide two examples of potential ways out of a contract; force majeure and frustrated contracts.

Focused fixed fee contract review service

Most businesses will have legal obligations under the contracts they’ve signed up to with their customers, suppliers and staff. Knowing where you stand during a time of crisis is critical. That’s why we’re offering you the support from our expert team to review the contracts you’re concerned with at a reduced fixed fee.

What’s included?

An expert will review your contract for the key areas of risk that you’ll need to be aware of. Depending on the level of detail you would like us to go into, we can offer a quick ‘need to know’ summary or a detailed full report with a mark-up of the contract. Examples of some of the areas we’ll be talking you through are as follows:

  • What does 'Force Majeure’ really mean and does it apply to my situation?
  • What is a ‘frustrated contract’ and can I use this principle to get out of the contract?
  • I haven’t got enough staff to carry on supplying the service that my customer has paid me for, what are my options?
  • My supplier insists that I still pay them but I no longer need their service, what can I do?

Simply email hy@hybridlegal.co.uk with a copy of your contract you’d like us to review, the level of detail required and the deadline you’d like us to complete it by. We’ll then provide a no obligation quote for our service.

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