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We help tech, film and media businesses from an early stage or that are already established to protect and grow their business.

We do this by acting as an in-house legal department that is on hand to assist the business whenever a legal matter arises.

Here's just a few examples of how we can help:

  • Your terms of business and the processes you have in place may be hindering your ability to enforce them when a client fails to pay on time.
  • You might have an employee that is difficult to manage or a contractor that will have access to confidential information, key clients and team members of yours.
  • Your business will have intellectual property that is likely to be one of its biggest assets (such as the name, designs, inventions and proprietary software) and it will need to be protected and exploited properly.
  • You may have shareholders in the business that need to be clear on their rights and responsibilities. What happens if one party wants to transfer his shares to another party? How will the shares be valued? What if a shareholder becomes critically ill or passes away, do the other shareholders want to be in business with the next of kin?

Unlike a traditional law firm, we don't charge by the hour and we won't charge for each phone call or email. Instead, all of our fees are fixed and agreed with you upfront. If you would prefer to retain our ongoing support, we will be happy to structure a fixed monthly fee on terms that are flexible to help grow and protect your business.

See Our Workflow for more information on how we work.

Our services in this area include:

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